Bestway Pro Frame Pool 56416 (Dengan Filter Air)

Bestway Pro Frame Pool 56416 (Dengan Filter Air) Rp. 2.050.000


Bestway Pro Frame Pool 56416 (Dengan Filter Air) Rp. 2.050.000
Outer Diameter: 12ft (366cm)
Inner Diameter: 11.8ft (360cm)
Overall Height: 30″” (76cm)
Recommended Water Depth: 26.8″” (68cm)
Capacity at 90% full: 6,473 litres (1,710 gallons)

A quality range of steel framed pools from the leading manufacturer, Bestway. Choice of sizes:- 5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft and 18ft, and in a number of depths.

Rust resistant galvanised metal frames. Easy pool construction- no tools required!

Triple strength heavy gauge PVC side walls with separate laminated band providing additional wall support. Reinforced rope to keep legs firmly in position. Convenient drain plug for easy draining.

This 12ft x 30″” Bestway Steel Pro Steel Frame POOL comes with FREE:

Filter Pump
Installation guide DVD
A variety of heating options are available from the simple to use 3KW Intex heater to the high quality Elecro stainless steel heaters. A cost-effective solar panel kit is also available.

Please note; if opting for the Solar Heating Kit, this pool will require three panels for optimum effect.

If opting for the Bestway 1000 Gallon Flowclear Sand Filter Pump, you will additionally require one bag of Silica Sand.

Don’t forget the chemical treatment kits and replacement cartridge filters, to extend the life of your pool water!

PLEASE NOTE: All filter pump units must be placed 2 metres away from the pool. We recommend that filtration is turned OFF when the pool is in operation. We recommend a smooth concrete slab as a suitable base- contact a reputable local builder for advice on local soil conditions. Failure to set up the pool on a flat, level compact ground could result in the pool’s collapse or the possibility that a person lounging in the pool could be swept out. Do not lean, straddle or exert pressure on the inflatable top ring or top rim as injury or flooding could occur. Do not sit on, climb or straddle the sides of the pool.




  1. Pemesanan dapat dilakukan via WEBSITE dengan mengisi formulir di bagian bawah ini, pada halaman PRODUK YANG MAU DIBELI.
  2. Setelah mengisi formulir dan mendapat informasi ketersediaan stok dan TOTAL YANG HARUS DITRANSFER via sms / WA dari HP 0857 0677 5758 ATAU 0822 4489 9989, silahkan transfer via Bank ke Rekening MANDIRI 142-001-096-3196 atau BCA 4700-275-430 a.n Nani Rumiyanti.
  3. Transfer sebelum jam 4 sore, barang akan dikirim pada hari yang sama.
  4. Transfer setelah jam 4 sore, barang akan dikirim pada keesokan harinya.
  5. Setelah transfer, harap konfirmasi ke kami dengan mengisi formulir pada page KONFIRMASI TRANSFER atau via SMS/WA/BBM.
  6. Cara Menghitung Ongkos Kirim dan Jumlah Yang Ditransfer :
    • Misal Produk yang dibeli harga Rp 100.000 dengan berat produk 2kg (TIDAK ADA keterangan FREE ONGKIR di halaman produk)
    • Maka harga yang tertera di website belum termasuk ongkos kirim.
    • Jumlah yang ditransfer yaitu sebesar harga barang plus ongkos kirim. Ongkos kirim dikenakan untuk per kg nya. Misal dikirim ke kota SEMARANG dengan keterangan ongkir Rp 16.000/kg, maka jumlah yang ditransfer adalah sebesar Rp 132.000 (Harga Produk Rp 100.000 + [ 2kg x Rp 16.000 ] ongkir ).Atau konfirmasi ke Contact Center kami di 0857 0677 5758 ATAU 0822 4489 9989.



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