Jual Mainan Rumah Mini Boneka Mini dan Isinya Ada Boneka Keluarga Murah

Mainan Rumah Mini Boneka Mini dan Isinya Ada Boneka Keluarga


Daftar Harga Rumah Mini

Nama atau Jenis Mainan Anak Bayi  Harga
Diy Super Cake Shop  Rp    419.000
Family Little Helper Merah  Rp    179.000
Family Little Helper Pink  Rp    179.000
Fashion Vacuum Cleaner  Rp      99.000
Frozen Sewing Machine Type 1  Rp      86.500
Frozen Sewing Machine Type 2  Rp      99.000
Frozen Washing Machine And Blender  Rp      99.000
Happy Family Iron Board Frozen  Rp      99.000
Happy Family Set Isi 3  Rp    179.000
Hello Kitty Mini Juice Mixer  Rp      84.000
Hello Kitty Sewing Machine  Rp      89.000
Keranjang Cucian Karakter  Rp      27.500
Laundry Set Jumbo  Rp    299.000
Little Helper Cleaning (Best Seller)  Rp      89.000
Little Helper Cleaning Trolley  Rp    204.000
Little Helper Cleaning Trolley  Rp      99.000
Mesin Cuci Dan Keranjang Frozen  Rp    149.000
My Happy Family Electric Iron  Rp      59.000
My Happy Family Vacum  Rp      91.500
My Super Market  Rp    329.000
Supermarket Stand  Rp    424.000
Mini Iron – 658-2  Rp      85.000
Vacum Cleaner – 0781  Rp    169.000
Vacum Cleaner Princess  Rp    244.000
Clean Family Set Biru  Rp      89.000
Clean Family Set Pink  Rp      84.000
Clean Set Princess  Rp    294.000
Clean Set Sofia The First  Rp    224.000
Dora Household Set – 00896  Rp      52.500
Hello Kitty Cleaner  Rp    229.000
Household Set 888Abcd  Rp    115.000
Household Set Tipe A (Iron)  Rp    145.000
Little Helper 667E  Rp      75.000
Little Helper Kantong  Rp      80.000
Vacum Cleaner – 0781  Rp    169.000

Disclaimer : Harga sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah.


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